The Saratoga Advantage Trust

The Saratoga Advantage Trust is a group of institutionally managed mutual funds.  The Trust was established in September 1994 and is designed to give investors the same advantages and access to professional money managers that larger investors have enjoyed for years.  The institutional money managers who manage the Saratoga Advantage Trust mutual funds typically have minimum account size requirements ranging from $1 million to $25 million.  Investors have the opportunity to utilize the Saratoga Advantage Trust’s style-specific, institutionally managed mutual funds without potentially prohibitive account minimums.

In addition, the Saratoga Advantage Trust gives investors the opportunity to design their portfolios to match their investment preferences.  Some investors may desire a conservative investment strategy, while others may seek a more aggressive approach.  The Saratoga Advantage Trust can help each of them.  The Trust provides investors with access to high-quality customer support, both web-based and '800' phone access to their accounts, and written quarterly reports enabling them to monitor their account values and each and every investment that they make.  Finally, the Saratoga Advantage Trust’s assets are custodied by the Bank of New York Mellon, one of the world’s leading fund custodians with over $15 trillion in global assets under custody. 

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Saratoga Capital Management, LLC

Saratoga Capital is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered investment advisor specializing in asset allocation strategies and the evaluation of institutional money managers.  Saratoga is a Delaware limited liability company that was founded on May 10, 1994.  The firm is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  The senior executives of Saratoga have extensive experience in a broad array of financial arenas.  Saratoga currently provides its asset allocation and institutional money management services to investment firms located across the United States.  Saratoga delivers its services through the mutual fund family that it manages, The Saratoga Advantage Trust.

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James Alpha Advisors, LLC

Saratoga Capital Management, LLC's strategic partnership with James Alpha Advisors, LLC has allowed the Saratoga Advantage Trust to grow beyond more traditional asset classes, providing additional potential for diversification to the Trust's shareholders.

James Alpha Advisors, LLC serves as the Advisor to the James Alpha family of mutual funds and related portfolios. We are a related entity to James Alpha Management, a family office and diversified asset management firm specializing in identifying, seeding, and growing alternative investment strategies for institutional and individual investors. We search out top managers in the alternatives space with deep domain expertise and a proven and repeatable investment process, invest a significant amount of capital in each strategy and provide the ongoing operational, management and sales support to grow assets under management and build successful partnerships.