Fund Facts

January 7, 2003

Fund Type:
Sector Equity

I-shares Symbol: STPIX

A-shares Symbol: STPAX

C-shares Symbol: STPCX

Oak Associates ltd.jpg

Institutional Adviser:
Oak Associates, LTD

About Oak Associates, LTD

Founded in 1985, Oak Associates is an independent equity investment manager managing assets for national endowments, public and private pension plans, foundations, and private clients.

Representative Clients

  • The GAR Foundation

  • The University of Akron

  • Mount Union College

  • Akron Children's Hospital

  • Biltman & King, LLP

The inclusion of representative client names, although approved by the clients, does not constitute a recommendation of the manager's services. Saratoga Capital Management, LLC has selected specific representative clients from the managers' client lists based on their universal name recognition; not all accounts are managed according to the investment styles of the Portfolios.