Your Saratoga 401(k) Plan Team


Saratoga, the Asset Allocation Specialists

Your plan team is led by the financial advisor you’ve hired and Saratoga Capital Management, LLC, a firm with nearly 25 years helping advisors like yours build 401(k) teams.

Investment Options

Every Saratoga 401(k) plan begins with the Saratoga Asset Allocation Portfolios, which were designed to help participants balance the investing risk they’re willing to take with the reward they’d like to achieve. In addition to these allocation options, the Saratoga 401(k) open architecture platform allows your advisor to add nearly any additional fund they believe is appropriate to the plan.


Plan Participant Features


Investor Profile Questionnaire

Saratoga’s self-scoring Investor Profile Questionnaire.

Employee Education & Enrollment Meetings

Simply stated, effective communications are vital to a successful 401(k) plan. Once the 401(k) plan has been designed and implemented, it is essential to communicate the benefits of the program to all eligible employees.

Participant Quarterly Reporting

Post-Employment Retirement Counseling

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Sample Proposal

Click the image to the right to view a sample Saratoga 401(k) proposal.