Fund Facts

September 1, 1994

Fund Type:
Income Portfolio

I-shares Symbol: SIBPX

A-shares Symbol: SQBAX

C-shares Symbol: SQBCX

Institutional Adviser:
Sunnymeath Asset Management, Inc.

About Sunnymeath Asset Management, Inc.

The Investment Quality Bond Portfolio is managed by Sunnymeath Asset Management, Inc.  Sunnymeath was founded in 1996 by James P. O’Mealia, who has spent over 30 years analyzing and managing equity and fixed income securities.  Sunnymeath’s key employees average 25 years of experience in the investment industry.  Sunnymeath’s investment and operational team has been in place since 2004.

Investment Style

Sunnymeath believes that investing in short- to intermediate-term (1-10 year maturity), highly liquid fixed income instruments can preserve capital in times of capital market stress and provide historically superior returns with low risk levels. All investment decisions are made by the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, who is also the founder of the firm and the Fund’s portfolio manager. Through the use of its extensive proprietary equity and credit research, the firm believes it can achieve incremental returns in short- to intermediate-term investment grade bonds. By analyzing the entire capital structure of the companies it invests in, Sunnymeath is better able to judge the investment merits of the company’s equity and debt, as well as the attractiveness of specific bond issues.

Representative Clients

  • City of New Orleans Municipal Employee Retirement Savings
  • The Count Basie Theater
  • Monmouth County Historical Association
  • Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey

The inclusion of representative client names, although approved by the clients, does not constitute a recommendation of the manager's services. Saratoga Capital Management, LLC has selected specific representative clients from the managers' client lists based on their universal name recognition; not all accounts are managed according to the investment styles of the Portfolios.