Fund Facts

September 1, 1994

Fund Type:
Income Portfolio

I-shares Symbol: SMBPX

A-shares Symbol: SMBAX

C-shares Symbol: SMBCX

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Institutional Adviser:
Saratoga Capital Management, LLC

About Saratoga Capital Management, LLC

Saratoga Capital Management, LLC is a Securities and Exchange Commission registered investment advisor specializing in asset allocation strategies and the evaluation of institutional money managers.  Saratoga is a Delaware limited liability company that was founded on May 10, 1994.  The firm is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  The senior executives of Saratoga have extensive experience in a broad array of financial arenas.  Saratoga currently provides its asset allocation and institutional money management services to investment firms located across the United States.  Saratoga delivers its services through the mutual fund family that it manages, The Saratoga Advantage Trust.

Investment Style

Saratoga Capital Management, LLC believes that asset allocation strategies should change when the economy experiences major changes.  As the economy moves between phases such as full-growth, slow-growth, recession and emerging, Saratoga considers changes to its asset allocation strategies.  This brand of asset allocation is referred to as Dynamic Asset Allocation.  Dynamic Asset Allocation recognizes that the overall economy is fluid, and is comprised of numerous economic sectors.  Saratoga regularly evaluates how individual economic sectors are effecting the general economy in order to develop our asset allocation parameters.