Fund Facts

September 1, 1994

Fund Type:
Income Portfolio

I-shares Symbol: SMBPX

A-shares Symbol: SMBAX

C-shares Symbol: SMBCX

Institutional Adviser:
16th Amendment Advisors LLC

About 16th Amendment Advisors LLC

The Saratoga Municipal Bond Portfolio is managed by 16th Amendment Advisors.  16th Amendment Advisors was founded by Evan Lamp, Jed McCarthy, and John Lee, and is 100% dedicated to investing in municipal securities.  16th Amendment Advisors portfolio managers collectively have more than 40 years of municipal bond experience.

Investment Style

The Portfolio is managed using a proactive philosophy which may include being longer or shorter on the yield curve, favoring or avoiding certain bond structures and/or varying market exposure.  The portfolio managers review the Portfolio on a continuous basis and make investment decisions as they deem appropriate.