Fund Facts

January 7, 2003

Fund Type:
Core Equity

I-shares Symbol: SMIPX

A-shares Symbol: SPMAX

C-shares Symbol: SPMCX


Institutional Adviser:
Vaughan Nelson Investment
Management, L.P.

About Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, L.P.

Founded in 1970, Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, L.P. is a Houston-based investment counseling firm staffed by experienced, research-oriented investment professionals. The firm’s sole investment focus is managing equity and fixed income portfolios. Vaughan Nelson sub advises mutual funds and provides investment services to foundations, endowments, institutions, corporate pension funds, and families/individuals. Vaughan Nelson was acquired in 1996 by IXIS Asset Management US Group. Vaughan Nelson provides investment management services autonomously with their own research, investment teams and trading.

Investment Style

Vaughan Nelson’s Mid Cap philosophy looks for temporary information and liquidity inefficiencies in the mid cap universe; therefore, providing opportunities to invest in companies at valuations materially below their long-term intrinsic value.

The firm believes fundamental research, investment focus, broad perspective, and a team environment all contribute to its ability to try to deliver consistent performance. The most important aspect to its investment philosophy is research and new idea generation. Vaughan Nelson’s teams are staffed by experienced, motivated individuals whose compensation is tied to long-term performance. Vaughan Nelson utilizes a disciplined valuation methodology combined with fundamental research to take advantage of the inefficiencies inherent in the mid cap universe.

Representative Clients

  • Houston Grand Opera

  • Texas Medical Association

  • University of Dallas

  • Florida State Board of Administration

  • Baxter International

  • Hess Corporation

The inclusion of representative client names, although approved by the clients, does not constitute a recommendation of the manager's services. Saratoga Capital Management, LLC has selected specific representative clients from the managers' client lists based on their universal name recognition; not all accounts are managed according to the investment styles of the Portfolios.